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From User Experience analysis to lead-friendly, data-driven website of top digital agency. Case Study Whites.

Specifics of the project

The subject of GoodC and Whites’ collaboration was the redesign and implementation of The goal was to create a website that would communicate more effectively than the previous version, that Whites is a large agency working with well-known brands, whose marketing services are based on data-driven tools and approaches.  

Whites’ website had not been refreshed in four years and did not fully reflect the organization’s capabilities. Whites wanted to emphasize that it is a data-driven agency working with well-known brands on large projects. In addition, it needed to show the changes and expansion of the agency’s portfolio of services. 

For Whites agency, the website is an important touchpoint in acquiring new clients. The project needed to strengthen the marketing effect of the site. But not only – a website is also a tool for communicating with candidates for specialist and managerial positions. Consistent communication of Whites company culture and up-to-date recruitment offerings were as important in the project as a well-functioning form for client briefs. The entire site was bundled with HubSpot to best achieve Whites’ goals. Thus, it became an automated lead generation tool.

“The website change was made to emphasize that we are one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Poland. We wanted the new site to be built on the analysis of the previous version, effectively communicate our data-driven marketing offering, and give us better tools for analyzing our touchpoints with clients. We offer marketing for our partners based on data. We wanted to equally measure interest in particular elements on the site, content, or ultimately interest from potential customers of the agency. We also wanted this ‘business card’ to demonstrate the synergy of Whites Group’s services – what type of organization we are and what brands we work with.” 

Maciej Woźniak, CEO, Whites Digital Group

Development of the service included:

  • Discovery Stage with Analysis, 
  • Workshop and Strategy Development, 
  • UX and UI work, 
  • Key Visuals & social media Key Visuals, 
  • Hubspot CMS development and implementation
  • Content migration from previous CMS

We started the project with a discovery stage. Through discovery, we were able to estimate the direction the project should take to achieve the goals set by Whites. We defined the initial change plan and internal requirements. We identified industry benchmarks. Among other things, we used the results of the NPS survey that Whites regularly conducts with customers to prepare NPS survey. The honest opinions of clients about what is most important in cooperation with an agency were used to define the requirements for the project.

While preparing to create the new site, we had to take into account Whites’ already existing processes. We have looked at the touchpoints of current clients and the decision-making process through to the lead – so we knew that the priority was to send a message to certain types of clients, rather than attracting all leads, regardless of their quality.

Analysis = understanding of users

In the next phase of the project, we recognized the customer journey of the former website of the Whites agency by analyzing quantitative data and qualitative research of the website. 

We studied user behaviors on the site, segmenting site traffic, along with a breakdown between desktop and mobile versions. Meanwhile, the starting point for our team was to understand the decision-making process of Whites Agency’s clients.

We performed Google Analytics and Hotjar analysis. This allowed us to understand the audience’s behavior, learn about their usage of the website, define problematic areas of the earlier version that negatively affected lead generation, as well as create conclusions about users’ behavior.

Based on these analyses, we proposed additional solutions, such as considering the most popular pages as landing pages and designing them in such a way that each could effectively present Whites’ services. We introduced testimonials from satisfied clients, a list of customers with whom the agency works, and visible CTAs.

Strategic workshop = defining the company’s needs and goals

Then, based on the analysis and conclusions, we conducted a series of strategic workshops with the Whites agency team. For us, workshops are a key part of any product design process. The workshops allow us to define the new website’s goals, challenges, and audience. During the workshops, we decided to support the project with an inbound marketing strategy. This enabled us to work out together with Whites how the upcoming website would function.

The entire process of creating the website was based on partnership. For GoodC, creating a quality product that achieves its goals requires our team to collaborate with the client’s team. 

We used a HubSpot CMS to build the Whites agency website. It is complementary to the HubSpot tools, which give a platform to support marketing, sales, analytics, and marketing automation activities. By using the Hubspot CMS, the site is easily editable and has built-in analytics and marketing automation solutions – in line with the data-driven marketing model.

Successful sales funnel in HubSpot

Creating an effective sales funnel is all about giving the user the values they need at a particular point during their decision-making process. The user at the stage of awareness of a problem has different needs and questions from those at the stage of considering different alternatives or when making a decision.  

The architecture of was designed in such a way that the various areas of the site and the subpages within them truly address the needs of users at all phases of the decision-making process at the agency.

The marketing approach has visibly changed in recent years and with it has changed the attitude towards the customer. Together with Whites, we have identified that an inbound marketing strategy is, on the one hand, an opportunity to expand one’s brand and, on the other hand, an opportunity to attract high-quality leads.

The process of building a website

The process of building the website took place in the following stages

  1. Define needs and goals during a series of workshops, where we talk about presumptions and threats to the new service.

  2. The information architecture is the next step, which allows us to move from the level of described assumptions and risks to the specific solution with which we work further. The architecture allows us to design the site, looking at it from a bird’s eye view – we design the relationship between segments of the site, for example, how the blog affects the offer, or how the image pages such as the home page can correspond with sub-pages, for example, employer branding.

  3. The next step is creating UX mockups. Here we go deeper and dive into the details of each sub-page, allowing us to design displays concerning high-level goals and objectives. The mockups were used to create an initial prototype of the website, which was then validated in terms of performance logic.

  4. We then build the final design of the site based on the mockups, but to do this first, we need to find the ideal image of the website, so we create mood boards that illustrate alternative visual styles. Once we find the right direction, we can start designing UI mockups, and then we move on to the development.

    The website’s clear and modern interface allows you to focus on its key elements without losing the user’s attention.  When creating the Whites agency website, we focused on modern solutions while maintaining Whites’ strict aesthetics. On the practical side, the page was built in such a way that no problems are occurring on it and everything works smoothly, which directly increases lead generation. 

The entire project of creating the new site was also focused on additional existing data-driven activities of the Whites agency.  This method is a sustainable way to increase conversion rates and build long-term customer relationships. The data-driven approach is not just about collecting data, but about generating value from it for the business.

Every website can collect data by installing a basic Google Analytics script. However, it is very important to put in the right filtering and settings for the website to ensure that the data is accurate and correct. In addition, the data must be consistent with the goals and operations of the business. With a careful selection of activities, the website meets all the functions of correct collection and storage for this data.

Website as a key element of employer branding

The Whites Agency’s new website was also intended to give the candidates an idea of what the atmosphere at the company is like. The website reflects the work culture of the Whites agency. Already during the initial analysis of the website, we noticed that the recruitment page is one of the most frequently visited by users. New employees take their knowledge about the organization precisely from the website, so we set ourselves the goal of improving communication in this area. 

The is designed with the candidates in mind. The site is modern and intuitive. It immediately signals to candidates the size and prestige of Whites. Additionally, we wanted the agency’s entire new website to reflect its importance. The awards won and as well as information about being an official Google Partner are visible. From an employer branding level, it’s a sign to the candidate that this is a workplace where they can grow.

During the planning stage of the website, Whites’ HR department influenced the message and design of the Join Us sub-page. In creating this element, we benefited from HR’s experience in terms of recruitment and knowledge about applicants. At the mock-up stage, the department was able to make changes or a suggestion so that the site would be perfectly fine-tuned for future candidates. 

In addition, Whites employees on a dedicated channel in the company’s communicator had insights into the site’s construction, and after deployment, anyone could suggest changes. We wanted employees to feel that the site was for them. The team was in this way able to transfer the true atmosphere of work at Whites.

Did it work?

Candidates who have gone through the recruitment process confirm the usability of the website, recruiters receive positive feedback, and there are no reports of problems experienced on the website. Recruiters mention the site as an additional reason for their interest in an offer.

The Effect

After the project was finished, we asked Whites some questions

What was the main goal of the cooperation for you, and has it been achieved?

Maciej Woźniak – Founder of Whites Agency:
The main goal was to change the agency’s image. The old website matched the small marketing agency that Whites was 4-5 years ago. Today there are approximately 100 people on board, and behind us are projects for well-known brands, in many markets, developing our own technology, winning awards in international markets, and ambitions for more. The website had to match that. After the launch we got very good feedback – clients and partners pointed out that the new website shows a different agency, and says more about how Whites is being perceived today.

Why did you choose to rely on HubSpot?

Marta Hildebrand – Head of Marketing in Whites Agency:
Why Hubspot? We wanted to find a CMS that would allow us to manage the sales process at every stage. It will automate and simplify it. It will be a common tool for the Client Service and Marketing departments. We started the implementation with simple functions and at our own pace, we are expanding the range of tasks in which we use the tool. We care about a well-managed database, sending newsletters, building landing pages, content analytics (case studies), and paid campaign analytics.

GoodC: Have you experienced any problems with the website before?

Marta Hildebrand – Head of Marketing in Whites Agency:

The previous website was a WordPress loaded with various plugins. It was quite difficult to control editing content or implementing new changes. The contact form was often flooded with spam. Our goal was to move to a consistent system that looks great on the front end – and underneath is an efficient marketing and sales support tool. We are currently working with GoodC on a new website for our WhiteDog project

Thanks to GoodC’s operations – from analysis to technology recommendation, and the use of UX and UI expertise, we were able to design not only a clearer but most importantly, a more audience-friendly Whites service. The new website reflects the agency’s full capabilities in a data-driven model and further supports the recruitment, marketing, and sales activities.

The work on the new website was completed in December 2021, and the results of the collaboration can be viewed at

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